North American’s Historical Background Is
One of a Common Ownership Lineage With
Several Predecessor Companies.

Ice cream started this business. Specifically, Miller Farm’s chocolate chip
ice cream, featuring semi-sweet mini-chips and vanilla ice cream
formulated by Michigan State University (‘MSU vanilla”) for Miller Farms.  
There was nothing else like it.  

At the time, Miller Farms owned and operated a chain of nine retail
stores, and its parent firm, Miller Dairy Farms, Inc, among other things,
made and distributed ice cream in its Eaton Rapid, Michigan dairy facility

since before the turn of the last century.  

In early 1979, North American’s owner
, Robert Evans, had a sweet tooth
and was attempting to buy the Miller Farms outlet in East Lansing,

Instead, in September of 1979, Miller Dairy Farms’ two hydroelectric
generating plants, diesel plant, and electric utility (a 52 customer electric
distribution system with residential, commercial, and industrial customer
connecting the generating plants), were acquired.  

North American's historical background is one of a common ownership
lineage with several predecessor companies.

Two of the predecessor companies owned, rebuilt, and operated
hydroelectric generating stations and several owned and operated
engine plants that provided backup power for the City of Eaton Rapids
and for Consumers Energy Company.

North American’s first facility, the Peoples Generating Station, reached
commercial operation in landfill gas in September of 1995.  

In 2000, the hydroelectric and engine companies were sold allowing
North American to concentrate on bio-fueled projects. Some of the hydro
and engine projects that were operated can viewed by clicking on the
images to the right.

North American Natural Resources
Historical Background