Southeast Berrien Generating Facility
landfill gas from the Southeast located in Buchanan, Michigan just north of US-12, at
the corner of Mayflower and Chamberlin Roads.

The generating plant has an initial nameplate capacity of 4,800 kW with a generator
building which allows an increase in generator capacity to 6,400 kW as the landfill gas
supplies increase over time.

The initial generating plant is comprised of three 3520 Caterpillar generator sets which
produce 1,600 kW each at 4,160 volts. The project generates approximately 40,000,000
kWh annually.

The generating plant is interconnected to the American Electric Power system at 69 kV
by way of the transmission independent system operator, PJM.
Southeast Berrien Generating

1520 Mayflower Road  
Niles, Michigan 49120  
Telephone:            269/695-1484
Telecopier:            269/695-1485
Plant Operators: Jason Wesner
Victor Sokolowski
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Generating Facility