Ypsilanti Township

One of North American’s affiliated companies operated the Ford Lake Dam for Ypsilanti Township,
Michigan for a period of ten years. When first undertaken, the Ford Lake Dam’s equipment was not
operational and was suffering from old age, needing turbine, switchgear, and exciter work immediately
(to name a few items) immediately to make the plant function.  The performance of regulatory
requirements and interaction with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (the “FERC”) was a
constant requirement of the operation and maintenance duties.  

Hydroelectric generating stations and related dams are the most regulated industry in the United
States, except for nuclear power plants.
Ford Lake Dam, Ypsilanti Township, Michigan

Waste Management Renewable Energy

North American entered into an Operation and Maintenance Agreement with Waste Management’s
Waste Management Renewable Energy, ("MMRE") to operate and maintain their two Caterpillar 3516
engine generator sets which are located in the East Plant at the Venice Park Landfill. North American
entered into this Agreement on November 1, 2000 and has performed daily operations and
maintenance services for BioEnergy Partners since that date.
North American Natural Resources -
Operation Agreements