Peoples Generating Station - West

North American’s West Generating Station is a completely new 3.2 MW facility.
Although the West Generating Station has a common wall with the existing
Peoples plant, it is a stand alone facility with its own dedicated blower and

The landfill gas fuel supply is from the Peoples Landfill owed and operated by
Waste Management.

The West Generating Station is interconnected to Consumers Energy Company’s
24,900 volt line; the plant was built to hold 3.2 MW of electric generating capacity,
namely two 3520 Caterpillar electric generating units.
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The Peoples Generating Station

4516 Rathbun Road   
Birch Run, Michigan 48415   

Telephone          989/777-6284   
Telecopier          989/777-6284   
Plant Manager        Mike Jonca